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Resolving Family Conflict through Mediation out of hours

Do you want to mediate but struggle during office hours?

Does your ex-partner live other end of the UK or a different country?

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How Trusted Mediators Surrey Helps


Our spouses can be our most valuable allies and sources of support, but they can also cause profound wounds that leave lasting scars. Conflict is a constant presence in our lives, manifesting in various ways. Finding efficient and effective methods to navigate these challenges is a never-ending quest. That's where mediation services come in. They offer a compelling solution to ease overall anxiety, helping to resolve familial disputes and mend broken bonds of kinship. Discover the power of mediation today and experience a positive transformation in your relationships. ​


Are you in a dispute and struggling to find a middle ground? Consider enlisting the services of a neutral mediator. They can provide valuable assistance in helping both parties reach a mutually beneficial settlement. In cases where direct negotiations fall short, long-distance mediation can offer innovative solutions to guide you towards a straightforward resolution. Discover the convenience of virtual mediation, a cost-effective alternative to traditional face-to-face sessions. By opting for this approach, you can avoid the expenses and time associated with traveling long distances or even abroad. Embrace the latest technological breakthroughs that have made online relationship mediation services a reality. Highly skilled, trained, and experienced mediators are available to work with individuals in resolving their conflicts. Trust in their expertise and let them guide you through the process of addressing your problems. Step into a new era of conflict resolution and experience the benefits of engaging and unique mediation services.


Utilizing various communication technologies like telephone, Skype, and video conferencing such as Facetime, individuals can connect and bridge the geographical gap. When faced with relationship turmoil, staying together can seem impossible. However, if you and your ex-partner are physically separated, long distance mediation can be an effective solution to resolve conflicts. A proficient mediator will ensure both parties stay focused on a common goal, enabling them to move forward swiftly. Navigating relationship conflicts can be nerve-wracking, often resulting in breakdowns in communication. If meeting face to face is challenging for you and your ex, long distance mediation offers an ideal alternative. Virtual mediation is not only suitable for resolving minor disputes with significant travel cost concerns, but it is also effective in cases where monetary matters are not at the core of the disagreement or where substantial financial consequences are involved. Moreover, these mediators possess the expertise to address inheritance-related issues and help achieve mutually acceptable compromises in cases where wills are ambiguously worded. ​

Evening & Weekend Flexible Appointments

Trusted Mediators Surrey provides convenient evening and weekend mediation appointments, catering to busy schedules and urgent conflicts. You can easily book appointments online or via phone, with our mediators available for consultations from 9 am to 8 pm. We understand the importance of accessibility and aim to deliver a personalised service that accommodates the diverse needs of our clients.

Unsure If Mediation Is the Right Option?

Are you currently experiencing a challenging situation with someone? We urge you not to resort to physical confrontation. Instead, allow us to intervene and offer our invaluable assistance! Our esteemed mediation services have been meticulously designed to expertly navigate you towards a harmonious resolution that benefits all parties involved. With our esteemed team of accredited mediators, we will collaborate closely with you to restore relationships, conserve precious resources, both time and money, and above all, obviate unnecessary courtroom theatrics. Trust in our expertise for efficacious conflict resolution and a serene outcome that exceeds expectations!